Elevated Exposure

Elevated Exposure: MUSICIAN edit// Shea Farmer

Elevated Exposure: MUSICIAN edit// Shea Farmer

Community & collaboration are mega pillars in our brand.  Working with other artists gives a fresh perspective and embodies the idea of community over competition.  We firmly believe that creativity is not a competition and the more we can work together, lift each other up, utilize our platforms to cross promote, and share similar goals of sustainability of ourselves, each other and our planet, the better off we will all be.  

In our second elevated exposure collab, we feature Indianapolis based musician Shea Farmer.

Shea released her first album “Odessa” March 18, 2022.  When Shea contacted me, she was seeking to create merchandise that was as intentional as her album Odessa.  The album was named this because it is the shade of pink that she painted her bathroom while writing the album.  When I google searched Odessa, I was shocked to see that it was almost an exact match to the pink in our strawberry milk dye.  After popping my AirPods in to get a sneak listen of her album, I was sitting at the dinner table and within the first few seconds a tear rolled down my face.  The emotion in her lyrics and the melodic tone of Shea’s voice was reminiscent of so many of my favorite bands over the years and it felt like a perfect fit.  Since then I was able to see Shea and her band perform live with my stepdaughter who is an aspiring musician, and after the show Shea invited Toren to come hang out at their recording studio, Naptime Recordings.  To celebrate the launch of the the album release and merchandise we had a listening party at Lux & Ivy.  It’s been such a sweet experience getting to know Shea and being able to show support for this talented local musician.  Connecting with artists like Shea, through kismet scenarios is a huge reason collaborations are such a big part of this brand.  

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