I'm a woman, doing my best to reduce waste by curating and creating pieces made from natural fibers and bringing them to you.  From the pieces I curate that may need a little TLC/garment dyeing/mending to save them from the landfill, to the packaging I use that is fully compostable I am committed to reducing my carbon footprint and encouraging others to do the same.  

Feel the power within yourself when you purchase a garment that is true to yourself, created with intention, sustainable for the environment, comfortable and makes you feel at home.

The best part about owning a small business is being able to outsource opportunity and integration with people involved in my community.  Models being friends of mine, or my own children, the stamp I use in all forms of branding carved by a friend by hand,  alterations done by a local friend,  the list goes on.  

My dream for Mama Ochre is to support talented individuals and their skillsets and small businesses to keep our community thriving.

It is possible to chase your daydream. 

Thank you for supporting this vision + taking the time to shop consciously.