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Artist owned, small batch made, ethically sourced. Mama Ochre seeks to find the connections in all we do. Sustaining the Earth, ourselves, and each other is what drives us to become more intentional with our belongings, our connections, and our energy. Utilizing what was once considered trash to create items of beauty and quality, our goal is to keep things circulating to build a brighter future.

Slow goods.  All new garments we create are made in USA using eco friendly production and shipping, by workers who are paid living wages, from recycled cotton.  We utilize imperfects for our tees, celebrating the imperfections as character, and locally screen print in Indianapolis in small batches.  All garment dyeing is done in house, slowly and intentionally.   Sustain the Earth

We are all connected.  Our products seek to connect the dots.  The passion, energy, and intention in each item flows through to you, encouraging self-compliments, moments of pause, reflection, intentional care and gratitude for yourself. 
Sustain Ourselves

Our focus is on caring for each other.  Working with other creatives in our community on collaborations allows for us to embody the concept community over competition.  We each have our own perspective and inspiration that together builds a beautiful harmony.  When we open to working, caring, and loving each other there’s no limit to what we can do. 
Sustain Each Other 

Here's to taking the time to preserve, care, and elevate for the generations to come.