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Mama Ochre

11.11 Sweatshirt

11.11 Sweatshirt

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I met a man that wore pants like yours, 

belt hanging on, 

button up shirt with an Atkins bar in the pen pocket.  He paid in exact change, 

somehow carrying every coin in his pocket.

He seemed like he shouldn’t be buying the pastries that he was, 

and it reminded me of you. 

the same as seeing your car parked 

out front without you in it. 

I catch my breath.

I know you are here; 

I can feel you all around me.

It’s getting a little easier to not feel the tears 

well in my eyes, 

and even easier when I met this man, 

because I know your body wasn’t serving you 

the way you deserved. 

I know your pain was more than you admitted. 

And I only hope we will meet again in the next lifetime, 

but for now I will hold you close, 

every 3:33 and 4:44, every $11.11 and $2.22, 

I am so grateful that I can still feel you. 

But it doesn’t change how much I miss you. 

I accidentally called you yesterday.  

A tribute to my late fathers wisdom. This design features a portion of a letter he had written most likely when he found out I was coming into this world. What seems like lifetimes of lessons learned, condensed into three handwritten pages on a legal pad. I didn’t get a chance to know this side of my father, and I believe his words deserve to be heard around the world. With each purchase you will receive a digital copy of my dads letter.  A portion of proceeds from this collection will be donated to the Beckley Foundation for furthering research in psylocibin medicine for dementia and Alzheimer’s. 

*please make sure to include an email address for a digital copy of my father’s letter. 


this item is meant to be for comfort, to hold you in times of need, only printed in size 2x, wear it oversized, let it envelop you. 

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