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Mama Ochre

Lonely Together

Lonely Together

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If You Feel Lonely, I Could Be Lonely With You is a phrase that aligned with me after a lifetime of trying to fix people.

I felt it was my purpose to help identify other's problems and formulate a solution to end their suffering as quickly and effectively as possible. I wanted to see them in a way i'd always hoped to be seen. Oftentimes I was a terrible listener, always formulating a helpful response, rather than quietly keeping my energy open so that they could speak candidly without feeling my desire to speak halt their full thought.

I realized recently, the benefit of quietly observing, and holding space, without the need to define or help. That quiet held space does so much more than words could ever do. So often we feel alone in our thoughts, trapped in our heads, without anyone to listen. So this one is for the active listeners, the friends who hold space, the lonely moments, appreciating the entire ride not just the good parts and knowing you're not alone.

Made from 100% recycled cotton imperfects in Los Angeles.  Small pinholes may be present adding character and saving these new garments from the landfill.  

Screen-printed in small batches by hand in Indianapolis, Indiana.  

Original artwork by Gretchen, of Mama Ochre. 

Sustainability is a journey where every step counts.  No one is perfect and sustainability can be hard, but every choice to wear clothes that are already in existence, or made from recycled materials matters!  Here’s to all of us doing our part to reduce our footprint on this beautiful earth of ours.  

  Body Length Chest Width Sleeve Length
XS 261/2 in. 17 in. 77/8 in.
S 271/2 in. 19 in. 81/8 in.
M 281/2 in. 21 in. 83/8 in.
L 291/2 in. 23 in. 85/8 in.
XL 301/2 in. 25 in. 87/8 in.
2XL 311/2 in. 27 in. 91/8 in.


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