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Mama Ochre

Slow Living Tee

Slow Living Tee

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Slow Living.

Intentional, calm, aligned, creative, observant, quiet, soft, intuitive, circular, spiritual, romantic, authentic living.  These words initiated a journey within myself that I didn’t anticipate going on.  As soon as I had finished creating this design, it was as if I had flipped the light on in the room and everything that didn’t relate to these concepts illuminated with a piercing glare.  Old structures and habits started to become intolerable.  The fast pace which I was moving through this world, trying to prove myself through my creations, my worth directly dependent on my success, became insufferable.  I knew I had to pause, I had felt it coming, but it became the only option.  I stopped and examined everywhere I had been, everything I had done, and every decision I had made that got me to that point.  Where was my life not aligning with these concepts that were seemingly the pillars of my desired existence?  The yin energy that winter presented forced me to accept, to appreciate.  How was I supposed to continue at the pace that was nearly running me into the ground while preaching a life of self-care, self-love and self awareness?  I slowly started dismantling every structure that had gotten me to the level of success I had attained to that point.  I began reconsidering the culture of pop-up markets and the push to capitalize on monetary gain in an impulse situation rather than an intimate gathering with no pressure to purchase and a flowing give and take of connection, I thought about  previous desires to photograph every moment instead of fall in love with the parts of it that couldn’t be contained on camera, I observed the moments that I felt like set-backs and failures and appreciated them with a new gratitude for the full circle experience.  I am still examining, still observing, still appreciating what this design brought out of me, and I don’t think that journey will ever be over.  It is a constant struggle to battle for a slow life in the chaos of todays modern world, but I am committed to the intentions I set last fall.  Since then I’ve held life loosely, allowed it to take me where I need to go to receive, and my hope for you is that you can process these words in your own way, and they give you the little push to reach whatever life slowing down will give you.  It is truly an art form. 

Made from 100% recycled cotton imperfects in Los Angeles.  Small pinholes may be present adding character and saving these new garments from the landfill.  

Screen-printed in small batches by hand in Indianapolis, Indiana.  


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